Cerner SurgiNet® Anesthesia Solution. Design, Build, Project Management, and Implementation.


Anesthesia. No other medical service within your organization uses EHR for real-time documentation like anesthesiology. With cases completing in 20 minutes or less, efficiency and accuracy are crucial to adoption.

How can we help you?

  • Project Manage and staff a full Design / Build / Implement / Go-Live Support Project
  • Evaluate / Refine / Update your current SAAnesthesia application

Needing Optimization of your existing Anesthesia Module?

So have many of our clients:

Create an entirely new Surgery Department at a hospital which had never had Periop Services.


Practitioners were rejecting the Anesthesia Solution, with Cardiac Surgeons demanding it be removed from the ORs and the organization revert to their old documentation process.


  1. Engage with the docs and agree on refinements;
  2. Leverage Primus’ clinical and technical expertise;
  3. Focus on streamlining;
  4. Link to optimized workflow;
Nicklaus Children's Hospital


The buy-in was so improved that the client presented a “before and after success story” of the optimization project at the Cerner International Health Conference.

Primus Experts “Get It”

We helped bring the very first install in the U. S. of Cerner’s Anesthesia Solution in a pediatric environment

We design around your workflows

We are both IT experts and OR Nurses—we know your world

Our technical focus creates a best-in-class record allowing the clinicians to focus on patients

BMDI Interface

Seamless Bedside Medical Device Interface (BMDI) data integration is crucial.

This requires:

  • All monitor and vent flows to automatically flow into the record.
  • Immediate association with the record and the devices in a specific room—the practitioner should never have to hunt for which device to feed into their record.

The Pharmacy Build

Med naming conventions and concentrations should be intuitive to the practitioner.

This requires:

  • An integrated formulary consisting of a hybrid of anesthesia specific products and standard products.
  • Ability to document against existing med orders.


Macros are the single most important driver of efficiency. This must be done with an IT expert and the Anesthesiologist “elbow to elbow.”

This requires:

  • Matching shortcut macros to specific case flow.
  • Focused design and build for all medications, parameters, actions and personnel.

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